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The mission of Life Network is to cultivate a community that values life.

Life Network operates three pregnancy centers and many additional outreaches that provide a holistic approach to valuing life and transforming lives in Colorado Springs.

We support moms, dads, their babies, students, and families in need through the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Centers ... parenting education and mentorship programs ... and relationship and mental health education for students.

Through our professional, non-judgmental, no-cost care, in the last year we provided:

  • 786 free ultrasounds to local women in crisis facing unexpected pregnancies. Once introduced to their baby by ultrasound, 89% of clients then choose to parent.

  • 1,948 one-on-one coaching appointments for women and men. By attending these appointments, these moms and dads earn much-needed baby items such as a crib, car seat, baby clothes, diapers and more.

  • 428 free STD tests and treatment for young people, along with education support to help them make healthier choices in the future.

  • Guidance on healthy relationships to over 6,000 high school students in over 20 area schools and partner organizations through our student education outreach, as well as suicide awareness and prevention training.

Since all our services are free, we simply couldn’t impact so many lives without the generous financial support of those locally. When you support our life-affirming work, you don’t just change lives today – you transform the lives of families for generations to come. Lives like Aubrey, who left us this Google review:

I'm very impressed with how comfortable I was when I was at the Pregnancy Center! The staff were so pleasant and uplifting that it helped me pick up my own spirits and encouraged me that I CAN do it! Thank you so much for all of the support and care! I would recommend to any pregnant woman in any situation, especially if you're alone!
In three and a half decades, we’ve served over 100,000 women like Aubrey facing unplanned pregnancies, while expanding our reach to men, families and students in our community. To learn more on Life Network’s ministry and hear how you can get involved, visit  

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