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VIP Memberships

At the Good Place, we believe wellness should be affordable! Our VIP memberships offer one low rate for our 60 or 90-min massage sessions.

You choose which one fits your lifestyle! You can even add up to 2 family members or friends to share your benefits with! PLUS, you will receive exclusive invites to special events, 15% off our luxury service or any other add-on services, and 10% off our oh so popular Farmhouse Fresh retail line!

Unused massages roll over each month up to 12 mos!

No long-term contract - Requires 30-day advance cancellation. 

60-Min = $80/90-Min = $110

(Not including Hot Stone and Ashiatsu. These modalities are subject to an additional incentive cost as an add-on at a discounted rate).

(**Subject to terms & conditions listed below/Price subject to change)

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Thank you for considering The Good Place, LLC as your preferred choice for massage therapy.  We are so excited you are taking care of your health and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals along your journey. By purchasing a membership with The Good Place, LLC you agree to putting your credit or debit card on file to be charged monthly through our booking software of choice and it will be charged monthly on or after the 1st of each month. You will receive one monthly credit for purchased membership to be utilized on or after the 1st of each month. Up to 2 Friends or Family Members can be added to your membership. You must add them to your Vagaro account by logging into your account and adding their information as a friend/family. The added member must accept the invitation that will be sent by Vagaro before utilizing any membership benefits. You agree that if adding any friends or family to your membership, that each added member will be able to share and utilize any and all credits on your behalf on the account. If your family/friend added utilizes the first credit of the month, you will be charged for any additional sessions at the same great membership price and we will utilize the payment form stored on file for any additional sessions, unless notified by family or friend that they will be utilizing a different payment method at the time of service. Massage sessions will roll over from month to month for up to a year from the time they were accrued. Family and Friends can also utilize any past credits accrued on the account. It is up to you to remove any friends or family members that you no longer want to allow utilization of your membership. It will be your responsibility to remove them from Vagaro and notify The Good Place, LLC in writing from your email stored in your Vagaro account. Please send all notifications to for any changes you have made. Please note that The Good Place, LLC does not have long-term contracts but that we do require a 30-day advance notification by the member in writing to from your email stored on file in order to cancel your membership. Family and Friends cannot make changes to, nor can they cancel the membership on your behalf. All added friends and family will be required to fill out an intake form on or before their first scheduled appointment. It is your responsibility to update any card information if your card has been deactivated or expired. You (the Member) agree to keep an updated debit/credit card on file for the duration of the membership. 

We thank you for becoming a member and look forward to serving you, your family and friends.

*These terms and conditions are also located on your Membership Agreement Form, which will require a digital signature once you purchase your VIP Membership through our Vagaro booking software or The Good Place, LLC's choice of booking software for future use. Should you terminate your membership and would like your card information removed from our software, please contact us in writing from the email associated with your Vagaro account (or any future booking software The Good Place, LLC chooses at their sole discretion)


Terms, conditions and pricing subject to change at The Good Place, LLC discretion.

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