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Couple's Massage

Book your special occasion now! 

Whether it's an Anniversary, Birthday or a Friend's Day out,

we'll make sure you leave feeling pampered & rejuvenated.

The Good Place offers Bougie service without the Bougie price.

Explore our variety of options for your next special day!


When booking your sessions please make sure you book TWO sessions and that 2 therapists are available at the same time on the same day for your service. Please also ensure your amount of time is equal to one another. Please call us for any questions or assistance with booking your sessions.

Romantic Suprise.jpg

We look forward to making your Valentine’s Day extra special this year, so we have whipped up a delightful service like non other in our industry. We will be offering a 2-hour service for each couple. You will start your romantic session with The Good Place all to yourselves. We will not be booking any other sessions during this time so it will be a romantic and focused time for just the two of you without additional noise and distractions. You will be welcomed into a warm and inviting atmosphere where you will begin your romantic journey delighting your senses as you share decadent chocolate covered strawberries complimented with a glass of non-alcoholic champagne. You will then be lavished with our Exclusive Chocolate Covered Strawberry Luxury Session in our romantically decorated couple’s room. Your service will begin with an indulgent and luscious chocolate face mask and shea butter massage for your pretty, little faces. Next, your hands will be soothed and softened with our sweet cream shea butter massage and a comforting hot-towel wrap. After, we will alleviate those aching and tired tootsies with our signature strawberries and cream pampered feet service including a rejuvenating hot towel wrap and sweet cream shea butter massage to send you into a blissful state of ultimate relaxation. After you have been pampered with the array of delightful spa treatments, any remaining tension and stress will melt away as our team of experts customize a 60-minute full body massage tailored to your precise needs. When your service has concluded you will receive a digital photo of you and your valentine to commemorate the special day!

**We are only excepting phone bookings and on a first come basis

so call now! 719-374-1212**

($200 per person)

Surprise your Valentine!

Young couple having massage in spa salon.jpg

All Services below not valid for Valentine's Days (February 10th-14th)

Couple's Getaway

Looking for a special date night out at an affordable price? Enjoy the ambiance and serenity of our Tropical Oasis room while you lay side by side and de-stress with a 60-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue full-body massage.

$100 per person

Couple getting massages.jpg

Couple's Night Out

Looking for some time out together?

Decelerate and take a deep breath as you find relaxation in our Tropical Oasis room while you lay side by side and decompress with a 90-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue full-body massage.

$130 per person

Home spa. Two women holding pieces of cucumber on their faces lying the bed..jpg

Pamper Time!

Looking for some self-love?

Pamper your Sweetheart, your Bestie, or have a Mom & Daughter or Dad & Son day out!

You will get extra self-care with our 90-minute luxury service shared side by side in our Tropical Oasis room. Indulge in a 60-minute full-body massage and then top it all off with an extra 30-minutes of pampering including a 10-minute detoxifying face mask and massage, a 10-minute shea butter hand massage for those overworked hands,

and a 10-minute pampered feet exfoliating foot scrub and shea butter massage

for those aching tootsies. Scents vary upon season. 

$155 per person

Woman soaking her hands in bowl of water and flowers, Spa treatment and product for female

Customize your Visit

Hand tailor your massage and choose from a wide array of add-ons to customize your special day out. It's not often we take the time out to give ourselves a little self-care so why not choose The Good Place where we offer Bougie service without the Bougie price!

Start by choosing a 60-minute or 90-minute massage session, and then customize it with any of the options below for the perfect day out.


Delight your senses with the use of our pure, aromatic essential oils to improve the health of your body, mind, and spirit enhancing both physical and emotional health. 

$10 per person

Eucalyptus Scalp Massage

Let us soothe you into a blissful state of relaxation with the calming scent of Eucalyptus as your therapist gently massages your scalp and whisks your stress and anxieties far, far away. Our soothing scalp massage service aids in relieving stress, depression, anxiety, mood changes, headaches, and migraines. It also increases blood flow through the head to help aid in the loss of hair. With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Add a 15-minute scalp massage to your next visit

and be prepared to be whisked away.

$20 per person

Pampered Feet or Pampered Hands 

Exfoliate & soften those over-worked hands or tired tootsies with a foot

or hand exfoliant treatment using our plant-based scrubs followed by

a shea butter massage. Choose from a variety of scents when you arrive.

15-minute session

$25 per person

Hot Stones

Melt those tense muscles with an enriching hot stone treatment incorporated into your session to alleviate stress and anxiety. Hot stones are placed on your preferred target area to massage and relax areas of extreme tightness or soreness allowing muscles to relax and fully receive the benefits of your massage. 

$25 per person

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